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Chocolate Fundraiser

Who doesn’t like chocolates? That’s right, no one!

We are kicking off our Cadbury fundraiser and it would be great if you could help. We’re asking all members to sell at least one box but feel free to grab another one if you’ve got lots of hungry buyers. Please collect your box at our Clubby this Saturday 19th May.

Please return your collected money to Sue Youdel, Monique or Sean Pockran at any Clubby in the envelope provided. Please return no later than Saturday 2nd June.

If your finding it hard to sell you box, please let us know – other people may be able to help. Thanks to the Fundraising committee for organizing.


Come & Try Day

Our Come & Try Day is now scheduled for 21st April, 11am to 2pm. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in starting BMX to have a go and see what it is all about.

Plus it’s free!

Our club race day will be held later that afternoon so new riders can see what it’s all about. Tell your friends!

Club Round 3

Some photos by Ben Sykes Photography of yesterdays round 3. Top photos!
You can take a look at his Facebook page and website via the link on his post below and feel free to share but please keep his business logo on the photo (no cropping) to ensure credit to the photographer- enjoy!

January Newsletter

Welcome to Series 1 of our 2018 racing calendar!

Over the Christmas break, a number of our volunteers have performed a great deal of maintenance on the track in order to prepare it for re-surfacing. A big thank you to all of those who volunteered their time to assist us in preparing the track not only for resurfacing but for racing.

Our committee will make a decision on when the re-surfacing will occur and you will be notified when this work has been booked in. As the old saying goes ‘Many hands make light work’ and that is particularly true for laying a new surface on a BMX track!
A working bee is not always about hard work, it’s also a great way to make new friends and feel part of your community.


Sunday the 25th of February is our ‘Come and Try day’. This is an annual event that is held to encourage newcomers to the sport of BMX racing. It is also absolutely free!

If you know of friends or family members who may like to come along and try their hand at BMX, please encourage them to come along. Just remember to inform them of BMX Australia’s long sleeves and long pants policy.

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October Update

With Series 2 of club racing drawing to a close, we have complied a list of the number of races entered by each rider. This list includes up to round 9 with 2 more rounds to go (28th October and 11th November). Thank you to Kristy for helping to compile this.

Riders who complete 7 of 11 rounds qualify for a trophy at our end of year presentation day (2nd December). It would be a good idea to check the list to see if your rider can qualify.

Just a reminder that due to falling numbers, we will not be holding gates on Wednesday nights until further notice. This has no affect on Adam’s coaching sessions which will carry on as normal. Gate sessions will be held on Friday nights 6:30 to 8pm $2 per licensed rider.

Welcome to new members (Aug, Sept, Oct):

Banjo Hill
Jax Perceval
Noah McMurtrie
Kane Nacleay
Francis Drummond

Roger Plumpton

State Titles 2017

Good luck to all members going to state titles at Macarthur next weekend (30th September). We have two designated tent spots and remember that the march past is on Saturday morning. Please wear your blue mountains shirt if possible.

Supplementary regulations can be found here, please note that sign on is required for this event.

See you there…

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