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October Update

With Series 2 of club racing drawing to a close, we have complied a list of the number of races entered by each rider. This list includes up to round 9 with 2 more rounds to go (28th October and 11th November). Thank you to Kristy for helping to compile this.

Riders who complete 7 of 11 rounds qualify for a trophy at our end of year presentation day (2nd December). It would be a good idea to check the list to see if your rider can qualify.

Just a reminder that due to falling numbers, we will not be holding gates on Wednesday nights until further notice. This has no affect on Adam’s coaching sessions which will carry on as normal. Gate sessions will be held on Friday nights 6:30 to 8pm $2 per licensed rider.

Welcome to new members (Aug, Sept, Oct):

Banjo Hill
Jax Perceval
Noah McMurtrie
Kane Nacleay
Francis Drummond

Roger Plumpton

State Titles 2017

Good luck to all members going to state titles at Macarthur next weekend (30th September). We have two designated tent spots and remember that the march past is on Saturday morning. Please wear your blue mountains shirt if possible.

Supplementary regulations can be found here, please note that sign on is required for this event.

See you there…

Transponder Update

To take advantage of our new timing system do you need to purchase a transponder ? The links for purchasing or renewing transponders have been updated here. We can now display gate start and lap times at the track monitor and will be able to incorporate this into scoring. Remember that transponders are required for NSW opens (except Sprockets) and cannot be hired for the State Titles.


We have a limited number of transponders for sale. These are $20 each and have a subscription to January 2018.

State Titles Practice

We now have dates confirmed for State Titles track practice at MacArthur.

  • The Club has a booking  for 2nd September between 9:00 and 11:00 AM, no charge (with Bathurst Club).
  • Adam Carey has a track booking on 9th September 9:00 to 11:00 AM, no charge. This is for Bathurst, Blue Mountains members and the 20 inch gang.

Great opportunities to ride the track before State Titles, 30th September

Southlake Open

Well done to all our riders who competed at the Southlake open today:

Superclass Men, Justin Beattie; Moto, Adam Carey; 6th
8 Boys, Bryn Couzin; 1st, Angus Smith; Quarters
12 Boys, Andrew Plumpton; 8th
14 Boys, Tyler Pockran; Motos
17-24 Men, Zac Hook; Motos
30-34 Men, Geoffery Douglas; 5th
45-49 Men, Hyden Cairns; Motos, Andrew Smith; Motos
25-29 Men Cruiser, Geoffery Douglas; 8th
Sprockets, Carter Craig, Eli Schroeder

Thank you to Stephen Harding and Mick Carruthers.

Mylaps Update

Our MyLaps timing equipment is now operational and we are conducting testing. We are able to display rider lap times and this will be a great tool for race scoring and training. More information about transponders is here.

We will still score manually for those who do not have transponders.

BMX Medical Suspension

BMX Australia has introduced a concussion policy designed to protect riders in cases where concussion is suspected. In this case, a rider will be suspended from riding until a medical certificate is provided. It applies to all events including club events. Please read the details here.

May Update

With Series 1 of club racing drawing to a close, we have complied a list of the number of races entered by each rider. This list includes up to round 8 with 2 more rounds to go. Thank you to Kristy for compiling.

Riders who complete 7 of 10 rounds qualify for a trophy at our series 1 presentation day. It would be a good idea to check the list to ensure your rider qualifies.

We are running a chocolate drive to raise funds for our track and are asking every family to take and sell a box. There are 50 boxes to sell.  Boxes will be available at the club on Wednesday 17th and Saturday 20th May (this week). Please support our club by participating.

Our next fundraising activity is our Bunnings BBQ which is 24th June.

Welcome to new members (Feb, March, April 2017):

Aaron Shields
Riley Cox
Dmitry Pochukaev
Jeremiah Hill
Justin Scanlon
Connor Willis
Liam Willis
Taurin Loomes
Caley Cox
Tiernan Grant

Roger Plumpton

National Titles 2017

Well done to our competitors at the National Titles.

Adam Carey: Elite Men; Motos
Andrew Plumpton: 12 Boys; Motos
Bryn Couzin: 8 Boys; 2A
Ashley Carson: 8 Boys; Motos

Finals video playlist by Mick Carruthers.

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