January Newsletter

Welcome to Series 1 of our 2018 racing calendar!

Over the Christmas break, a number of our volunteers have performed a great deal of maintenance on the track in order to prepare it for re-surfacing. A big thank you to all of those who volunteered their time to assist us in preparing the track not only for resurfacing but for racing.

Our committee will make a decision on when the re-surfacing will occur and you will be notified when this work has been booked in. As the old saying goes ‘Many hands make light work’ and that is particularly true for laying a new surface on a BMX track!
A working bee is not always about hard work, it’s also a great way to make new friends and feel part of your community.


Sunday the 25th of February is our ‘Come and Try day’. This is an annual event that is held to encourage newcomers to the sport of BMX racing. It is also absolutely free!

If you know of friends or family members who may like to come along and try their hand at BMX, please encourage them to come along. Just remember to inform them of BMX Australia’s long sleeves and long pants policy.


The Sign-on process (where you enter your rider into the event) opens at 2:00pm and is scheduled to close at 2:30pm and racing then commences at 3:00pm.

Please be on time for sign-on, we (the committee and other volunteers) need the 30 minutes between sign-on closing and racing commencing to sort entries, print off the moto draws and ensure we have enough First-aiders, Flag Marshalls and Finish line people in place and ready before kicking off.

Also, please have your riders licence handy, this makes things so much easier for the sign-on people.


Our club has installed timing loops within the ground at the bottom of the start hill and at the finish line. This timing system serves four purposes.

  1. Records the time your rider takes to complete the track
  2. Records the ‘Reaction time’ of your rider. (the time it takes them to travel from the gate to the bottom of the start hill)
  3. Accurate timing means accurate scoring
  4. It serves as a great training tool

We will be displaying the lap times on a monitor at the sign-on table but we will soon be displaying all the times on a flat screen TV for you all to see.

How do Transponders Work?
Transponders attach to the fork of your riders bicycle and sends a signal to the timing loops we have in the ground when a rider passes over it. The loop then sends that signal to our computer which then provides us with a time (isn’t technology great?!). The transponder is fitted to the fork of the bike by way of a cable tie.

We still have some transponders for sale, see the people at the sign-on table for more info.


‘Opens’ are events held at BMX tracks all over the state and country where any rider with an ‘Open licence’ can enter and compete. If your rider hasn’t competed at an open but is interested in doing so, simply ask any of our committee members for advice or further information.


On the 17th and 18th of February there is a National event being held at the Penrith BMX track. If you haven’t already been to a National event, do yourself and your kids a favor and go along to watch as you see some amazing riding!

There will be overseas riders competing at this event as well as Australian riders who compete on the world stage. There will also be a Blue Mountains BMX Club presence as well, so come along and cheer on your fellow club members!

The Penrith BMX Club is located in St Marys in Creek Rd, NSW 2747 not far from Ripples Pool. Take Charles Hackett Drive from the Great Western Highway.


Our Club has a website has a wealth of information  so we encourage everyone to visit it and browse around.

FACEBOOK: Simply search for Blue Mountains BMX Club, click here.

Most event and current happenings are posted on our Facebook page along with some fun stuff too. If you want to know if a racing is on due to bad weather, it will be posted on Facebook.


Gate Starts are basically practice nights. All licenced riders are welcome to come along and hone their skills. The gate will be operating and there are plenty of experienced people on hand to lend advice and pointers to anyone who is looking to improve. When? Wednesday and Friday nights from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. How much? Only $2.


The committee is listed here and our contact details are here.