May Update

With Series 1 of club racing drawing to a close, we have complied a list of the number of races entered by each rider. This list includes up to round 8 with 2 more rounds to go. Thank you to Kristy for compiling.

Riders who complete 7 of 10 rounds qualify for a trophy at our series 1 presentation day. It would be a good idea to check the list to ensure your rider qualifies.

We are running a chocolate drive to raise funds for our track and are asking every family to take and sell a box. There are 50 boxes to sell.  Boxes will be available at the club on Wednesday 17th and Saturday 20th May (this week). Please support our club by participating.

Our next fundraising activity is our Bunnings BBQ which is 24th June.

Welcome to new members (Feb, March, April 2017):

Aaron Shields
Riley Cox
Dmitry Pochukaev
Jeremiah Hill
Justin Scanlon
Connor Willis
Liam Willis
Taurin Loomes
Caley Cox
Tiernan Grant

Roger Plumpton