BMX Membership

Club membership/ renewal is completed online via the BMX Australia website.

Please note that a copy of your birth certificate or drivers licence is needed when you first apply for your BMX license. If DOB verification documents are not provided within 14 days of your joining date, the membership will be come inactive.

Membership costs as at 1st January 2020 are:

Category Description Cost* 
Mini Wheeler (12 month) This is for 2 to 4 year olds to develop balance and gross motor skills riding a balance bike (no pedals). $54.96
4 Month Sprocket Sprocket Rocket membership for 4 months. $50.96
Sprocket Rocket (12 Month) Sprocket Rocket membership is for any rider under the age of 8 who can pedal a BMX bike. The Sprocket Rocket program is a participation-based program. $149.41
4 Month Open An open membership for 4 months. $53.13
Open (12 Month) An open membership allows you to ride at any club in Australia. Available for riders 8 years and over. $155.99
Volunteer Volunteer membership is for members who volunteer at the club and Officials (Level 1+2) who do not race. $0.00

(*Cost including service/credit card fee)

The Active Kids Voucher ($100) can be used again this year for BMX memberships. Any child aged between 4.5 and 18 years enrolled in school is eligible, so sign up here today.

If you need assistance with online memberships, please contact Sue Youdell (0414 270 548).

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