Southlake Open

Well done to all our riders who competed at the Southlake open today:

Superclass Men, Justin Beattie; Moto, Adam Carey; 6th
8 Boys, Bryn Couzin; 1st, Angus Smith; Quarters
12 Boys, Andrew Plumpton; 8th
14 Boys, Tyler Pockran; Motos
17-24 Men, Zac Hook; Motos
30-34 Men, Geoffery Douglas; 5th
45-49 Men, Hyden Cairns; Motos, Andrew Smith; Motos
25-29 Men Cruiser, Geoffery Douglas; 8th
Sprockets, Carter Craig, Eli Schroeder

Thank you to Stephen Harding and Mick Carruthers.