Club Committee 2021

 Name  Portfolio Elected/Appointed
Ian Schroeder President 2020
Tristan Craig Vice President 2019
Rebecca Schroeder Treasurer 2020
Katie Newport Secretary 2021
Natasha Craig TBA 2020
Jim Beattie Track Director 2020

Official Volunteers 2021

Race Registrar Katie Newport
Sign on Assistance Rebecca Schroeder, Kristy Boggie
BM Sports Council Rep Ian Schroeder, Jim Beattie
Publicity/ Gazette Natasha Craig
Website Maintenance Roger Plumpton/ Ben Sykes
Facebook Page Natasha Craig, Ian Schroeder
Canteen Manager Kai Green
Canteen Helpers Rebecca Schroeder, Kyle Newport, Morgan Huxley
Track Helpers All Parents
Riders Rep/ Club Team Manager Ian Schroeder
Public Officer Alan Youdell
Grants/ Fundraising Morgan Huxley
First Aid Damien Harvey, Ian Schroeder, Stuart Wittrien, Kristy Boggie, Lachlan Leverton

Roles & Responsibilities

President (responsible for overseeing all aspects of club administration, operation, rules and representation)
Vice President (assisting the President)
Treasurer (responsible for licenses, state and national registration and all financial management)
Secretary (responsible for administration, minutes, correspondence, club communications)
Track Director / Assistant (responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the track, coordinate working bee ensure works are planned and coordinated)
Race Registrar (responsible for sign on and scoring of club race days/ series and ordering of trophies)
Sign on Assistance (assist with sign on)
Sports Council Rep (attend local sports council meetings)
Website Maintenance (responsible for maintenance of the website with regular updates)
Publicity / Gazette (responsible for entering editorials into the gazette)
Facebook Page (maintain the Facebook page)
Canteen Manager (responsible for keeping an inventory of stock, can organise roster, can bring new ideas, can job share role)
Riders Rep (Be a face for riders who want to voice any concerns, grievances or race appeals to the attention of the committee)
Public Officer (responsible for the coordination of volunteers/ officials/ accreditations)
Fundraising and Grants (responsible for organizing fundraising opportunities and grants)
First Aid (assist riders and members in the event of an accident or incident and document correctly)
Club Team Manager (representative of the club who will help riders and parents escalate genuine issues with a finish line position or procedural matters to the Officials at BMXNSW events).
Mini Wheeler Coordinator (oversee the BMX Mini Wheeler activity).
Race Director (Ensures the smooth running of the event and entries, checks race order, looks after officials, knows who works in what position & when and if relevant oversees prize money.)

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This constitution was adopted at the 2012 AGM.

Please note that committee positions are for 2 years and the committee may fill any vacant positions. In addition, the committee may allocate portfolios to directors. The maximum number of consecutive terms for a person on the committee is 4 (i.e 8 years).

Committee History

Previous committee history is detailed here.