Getting Started

What will you need to get started ?
A BMX bike that is in good working order, the wheels should be 20” or cruiser size 24”. Younger riders can use their 12” or 16”. The bike needs to be in sound mechanical order with no stands or bells attached for safety reasons. (Some bikes are available for loan at the club).

Clothing consists of a long sleeve top, tucked into long legged pants, socks that cover the ankle bone and shoes with a non slip sole or clipless pedals gloves and a full face helmet (Some clothing, gloves and helmets are available for loan at the club).

How much does it cost ?
Prices are shown on the Memberships page and range from a 4 month license to a full Open licence. If you are just starting out it is a good idea to begin with the 4 month license (~$50).

A copy of your birth certificate or drivers licence is needed when you first apply for your BMX license.

Each Club race day you attend will cost you $10 at sign-on.

Do I Need a Number Plate ?
Yes, all riders will need a number plate, these are available for purchase from the club for $14 or you may loan one. You can choose any number  from 10 to 999, though please check at sign-on to avoid duplication.

Sprockets – Orange plate
Girls         – Blue plate
Boys        – Yellow plate
Cruiser     – Red plate 

Blue Mountains Club Shirts.
Club shirts are available for all riders and spectators. Please refer to our Club shirt order page.

When is Club Racing ?
Club Races are generally held every second week on a Saturday afternoon, with actual dates shown on the Calendar Page.

Sign On 2.00 -2.45pm, Racing 3.00 -4.30pm.

How are Club Races Organised ?
Race classes are organised by age, size and ability. Starting from Mini Wheelers, Sprockets (under 8 years), Group E through to A and the Open group (over 16/adults). We have 5 races (Motos) each race day, 3 races followed by break, then 3 races.

What is BMX Mini Wheelers ?
BMX Mini Wheelers is a membership class for riders between 2 and 4 years. Participants ride balance bikes which have no pedals. Please see the Mini Wheeler page for more details.

When is Gate Practice ?
Gate practice is held at the track on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6.30 to 8.00pm . It is for licenced riders only. Full protective gear is required (full face helmet, gloves, pants and long sleeve shirt) – $2 donation. Any updates regarding gates will be posted on our Facebook page.

Do you need Training to do BMX ?
Training is a good idea but we have no regular training at the Club at present.

What Insurance Cover is Provided ?
All members are covered by BMX Australia insurance policy’s which includes Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance. See the Insurance page for links to the BMX Australia Policies.

What size Bike would suit me ?
See the BMX Rider Sizing Chart below for a guide only, seek advice if you are unsure or better still try a bike first.

BMX Gear Calculator
Click on the image below to go to the calculator

What are the basic Bike parts ?

Bike Parts

Getting Started Brochure:

This is our getting started brochure: STARTING OUT BROCHURE 2019

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