President’s AGM Report December 2015

Good afternoon everyone. On behalf of the Board/Committee of the Blue Mountains BMX Club I welcome you all here this afternoon.  Whether you are a rider, family member, club member or guest you are welcome to join the events of this afternoon that are available for you.

It has been another exciting and busy year for our club.   On the racing area we had a number of riders qualify for the NSW State Series, including two who gained first places in their classes, and others who finished in the first three positions.  We had excellent results from our younger riders, including new members who also qualified for the State Series.

Our club members also performed well at the State Titles, bringing home State plates, that is plates numbered 1 to 8 showing where they finished in the State Titles. We also had a number of riders competing at the Aussie Titles, with two riders making their finals.  In a big step, we also had 4 riders competing in the World Titles which were held in Belgium.  While none made their finals it was a great experience for these riders and a good result for all the hard work they did to qualify for this event.

At our home track we have continued to have enjoyable club racing.  A number of our riders have made big improvements in their performance and skill levels.  We have welcomed a large number of new riders to our club and I hope that they all feel welcome.  Where the rider is a younger person I hope that the parent or guardian of the rider also feels welcome to our club.  All members of the Board/Committee and other experienced members of the club are available to give assistance or advice.

Our club is fortunate in having as a member one of the few Level 2 coaches in our State.  Adam conducts coaching clinics each Wednesday afternoon and evening.  He is a valuable asset to the club and has a wealth of experience in BMX and coaching.

The Board/Committee of the club with support of a number of members has made changes to the track.  These changes include altering the jumps in the last straight, laying conduit at the start & finish in preparation for use of the transponders during racing.  Possibly the most visible of the changes has been the laying of the new racing surface.  This surface is also in use at the track where the Aussie Titles took place.   The new surface should reduce the work required to maintain the track being suitable for racing.  It also assists our riders to become used to the surface which is also in use at a number of other tracks.

I hope that our Club membership continues to grow both in numbers and skill levels.  I also hope that this growth does not change the family oriented target of the club.  Having been in the sport for a number of years I consider that this club is one of the best in NSW.

On behalf of the members of the Club I thank the other members of the Board/Committee for all their work during the past year.  From maintaining the books, stocking the canteen to arranging the work schedule for working bees and obtaining the items to be used, members of the Board/Committee work behind the scenes to ensure that all plans run smoothly.

Lastly on behalf of the Board/Committee of the Club I wish all our members and their families, friends and supporters all the very best for a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.  I hope to see everyone back fit and ready to race from January 2016.

Yours in BMX


Graham Hoffmann

Club President.